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How To Pick a Right Stock For Trade - Online Share Trading Tutorial

Hi friends, as you all know that this website is for sharing knowledge and tutorials with the technology lovers, and specially we have shared the knowledge about Mobile Flashing, Mobile Unlock, Mobile FRP Bypass, IMEI Repair, Windows Tips and Tricks, Computer Tips and Tricks, Android Tips and Tricks, Blog Design, Online Revenue or Online Income, Android Mobile price and Specifications, Flashing Tools, FRP Unlock Tools and many more technical things, news and information etc. After successfully completing these today on-wards we add a new section on this website for Online Share Traders, which helps the beginners as well as the experts of share trading. The tutorial starts with the most interesting topic, that how you can pick a right share for trade both for intraday and CNC trading.

This is our own strategy, which we are using in the Online Share Trading and you can apply it on your share trading account, but before that please re-verify these share analyzing process then do, because this is only for tutorial and nobody can tell where the share market goes up or down, this is a basic idea to get the right share for invest, the rest is depends on you. We are not promoting any shares here, if mentioned any share name then this must be for the example only to make the process simple.
How To Pick a Right Stock For Trade - Online Share Trading Tutorial

Share Price Movements:

As we all knows a share price may be up or down in a day, days, month/s, year/s, so do not worry about that, because a share price up trend may continue for some days and in the same way down trend may continue for some days. There are mainly two parts of a share price, one 52 week Low and 52 Week High, that means it shows the 52 week High/Low in one year trend, you can also know the date when the share touch the High Level and Low level on NSE website, which gives you more clarification of the share price movements you can easily get this information on NSE official website.

How to Choose a Right Share For Trading?

If you do not analyze a share and do not know how to pick a good share to invest, then you may face loss in your Online share trading. It very important to know the right share and the right time to enter in to the share market, if you became expert in this then you can make good profit from shares. Please do not enter to the share market without analyzing a share and for practice you can also do paper trade, our strong advice to all beginners don't trade blindly, which cause a huge loss for you. Paper trade is the best option for new share trader, you may ask what is paper trade, it's so simple paper trade means, if you decided to buy a share then write down price and date on paper then look at the share price movement which goes up or down, if the share price is goes down then no need to worry as it's pen and paper work. To choose right share the following points must be consider at the time of analyzing a share.

1) Always try to trade in Nifty Fifty Stock or you can choose any stock from NSE and BSE.
2) It is better to have 3-5 shares in Your Stock Portfolio to analyze.
3) Watch the stock price trend at-least for One Month.
4) Check the YTD (Year To Date) chat  and One Year Chat (It can be access on the interface or application provided the Stock broker of yours)
5) Check the share price, is it near to 52 Week Low or 52 week Low.
6) Check the News About the Stocks you have chosen.
7) Check the dividend details of the share.
8) Check the Trade Volume of the Share.
9) Check the delivery percentage of the Share.
10) Financial Result of the respective company.

1) Trade In Nifty 50 Stock:
If you are new to online share trading, then our advice to use Nifty 50 stock for trade and after learning you can choose other stocks. The 50 stocks has been selected by NSE (National Stock Exchange) India under Nifty 50 and the total Nifty trend affects the whole stock market to move forward or backward. So always try to select Nifty 50 Stock, but remember the entry point must be analyzed before picking a stock.
2) Choose 3-5 Stock:
It is better to have 3 to 5 stocks in your Online share trading portfolio, because it's very easy to track the share movement if you have less stocks, otherwise you may get confused to understand the share trend.

3) Watch the Stock trend:
Before you buy a share, please check the previous price trend of the share at-least for last one or two months and also check the daily high and low price and at what time it will goes up and down. You can check this by vising the NSE website and put the share name it will show all the details about the stock.

4) Check the YTD (Year To Date) chat  and One Year Chart, it can be access on the interface or application provided the Stock broker of yours and also can be checked on NSE or Money Control website. If get the one year trend details, then you can understand the monthly movement of the share.

5) 52 Week  High and 52 Week Low:
This is very helpful to choose a right share at the right time, when you pick a stock to invest in, then please check the share price details whether it's near to 52 week low or 52 week high, if it's near to 52 week low then, that's the right time to enter in to the Market. If it's near to 52 week high then it may be risky to invest in that share.

6) Check the News About Stocks:
Always check the News (online or on TV) about the stock you have selected, if it's have some negative news then the share price will go down, if the news is not in the favor of the company, such as Loss, Goes against the Law, Closing a branch of the company, Merging with other company or any other news that completely not in-favor of the company then the stock price may fall.

7) Check the dividend details of the share.
If you want to hold a share for long term, then please go through the previous or recent dividend declared by the company, if the company provides good dividend then you can invest in the stock as well as for Short-term and long term.

8) Check the Trade Volume of the Share:
Share volume is also very helpful for picking the right stock at the right time, if the share has high volume, then it may go up, in some cases it may takes 2-3 days for correction and then it starts the up trend. You can check the Volume Traded on your Trading Windows or application.

9) Check the delivery percentage of the Share:
This is the most important thing in the share market, if the stock has higher percentage of deliverables quantity of the total traded quantity, which indicates that buyers are expecting this price of the share to go up.

10) Financial Result of the respective company:
Before going to buy a share, please verify the financial result of the company, if the company recently declared it's financial results, whether it's profit or loss the stock price may be get affected with the result for a period of time, at that time no need to buy the share just add the share to your portfolio and watch the movement of the share, when it's stable then you can buy the share.

If you follow this process to pick a right stock for trade, which helps you get more profit and chances of loss is very low. As I said it before it's only for tutorial purpose, but do your own analyzing a stock before invest.

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