Monday, July 9, 2018

Get Free Latest Features of Android Operating System On Your Phone

How to Get the Latest Features Of Android Phone?

If you are using any Android smartphone, it may be Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Micromax, Xperia or any other brand, do you know you can use the latest version of Android operating system on the phone and it's completely free from the respective brand of the phone and you will get it through OTA Over The Air, that means you can get the updates online either using the phone itself or you can download the OTA Update Zip file and flash/Update the phone using Android Recovery Option. But you may ask how to get these updates? you are right you can get this free and it's available online, if the brand of the phone released any Android Operating System updated for your phone, you will get a notification that the phone can update to the latest version of Android OS.

If you need to use these free Android upgrade, then you must need to enable Auto Update in your phone's settings, in case you disabled it, you will no more get the update notification regarding latest Android version until you re-enable it, but there is one more way if you disabled Phone Auto Update then you can check for Android Update manually using Check Update Manually option in the Setting About Phone and then check for an update. In that case if the phone has compatible updates from the brand, then download it and install the updates on the phone.

If you need to Update your Android phone to Android versions 8.0 Oreo for Free, then this topic will help you more regarding that. Not only Android 8.0 Oreo, if your phone is eligible for any other upgrade version of the Android such as Android 7.0 or Android 6.0, also you can get these version for free and no need to go any where, just do it yourself.

How to Update My Phone To Android 8.0 Oreo?

If you have an active Internet connection on your phone then, the phone will automatically check for updates periodically, so you don't need to do anything just install after downloading updates or you can schedule it to install later, so you do not need any tips and tricks to get the latest updated of the Android OS, but to get the updates of Android latest version, your phone manufacturer must have released the update for the phone model you are using. 

Not all the Android phone can get the latest updates, only some of these models can get the latest Android update, which meet the minimum Hardware, Storage and Memory to have that latest Android Operating System. Because for latest Android OS there must be high configuration phone to run the system otherwise it will be hanged or not work, so the manufacturers releases Android updates for those phone which have the latest configuration or must have the minimum configuration required for the update, otherwise they won't provide any updates for the phone you have.

If you do not have Internet connection on your device, then you can use any Internet cafe or any other Internet source to download the update manually and flash/update/download the firmware by using phone flash tool, but for that you must have a Computer and Data Cable and some basic idea about how to flash Android smartphones using free flash tools. This process is not safe for every one as it required basic knowledge to flash a phone, so do not try this without having proper knowledge. Get the List of Android 8.0 Oreo Custom ROMs for Popular Devices.

Can I Install Custom Android 8.0 OS On My Phone?

Now a days you can get various custom Operating System ROMs or Firmware of latest Android version on the Internet. If you get the custom phone OS download link for your phone's model then you can flash the phone using Android flash tool. As it's custom OS not the official Android version after installing the OS you do not get any other official updates for your phone if releases later. 

Not all the custom Android OS are secure to have on your phone, because some OS are pre-rooted and do not have the latest security patch, and it's only have the custom OS which mixing of some features of latest Android version and themes which looks like latest Android version operating system. So we are not prefer to have Custom OS on your Android smartphone as it is less secure then the officially provides operating system, you can get more knowledge about custom OS by searching on the Internet with the help of Google.


So here we know that, how to update your Android devices to have the latest feature of Android operating system with the latest Android security patch, which makes you device more secure and stable. Always use the official updates or Stock ROMs to flash/update you phone and do not use any custom OS if you are using your phone with various online activities.

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