Thursday, September 13, 2018

Jio Mobile Mic Solution | Jio LYF LF-2403N Mic Ways

Jio LYF LF-2403N Mic not working and how to repair Jio Mobile phone and here is the Mobile repair solution for Mic not working or Mic track missing or Mic track broken on the JIO LYF LF 2403N. So if the Jio keypad phone Mic is broken and there is no print circuit on the Motherboard and you are searching for Mic track from the component to Mic leg, then here the answer you can easily find the solution for Jio LYF mic ways with HD high quality images with mentioned with missing track.

Please see the below image, you can find your Jio LF 2403N Mic Ways and if the connection to the component is missing then apply jumper and the Mic of the phone will work fine. Check with the multi meter using continuity and find the missing mic track and repair the Mobile hardware with the help of the Mic way diagram on the Jio LYG PCB.
LF-2403N Mic Ways - Jio Keypad Phone Mic Ways - Jio LYF Keypad Phone Mic Solution

So here is the solution for Mic ways, Mic jumper ways, Mic track missing, Mic broken, Mic track on PCB, Mic not working and all the Mic issues on the Jio LYF Keypad phone LF 2403N. Please find the image above and check the mic ways and apply jumper if missing.  

If you are facing to find out the Mic track and do not find the correct Mic connection component on the above image then please click on the below link to open the HD image, through which you can easily find out the track as the PCB diagram is very clear. Thank you visit again.....
Click Here To Open Zoomed Image

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