Friday, September 14, 2018

Android Fastboot Mode !

Like Android Recovery option, Android Fastboot Mode also very useful to do some extra thing with the phone, such as Hard Reset, Read Info, Version Info, FRP Unlock, Erase Persist, Erase Config etc. using Fastboot Command or you can also download the small ADB and Fastboot tool to use this functions.

So here we will discuss about how you can easily boot in to Fastboot Mode on your Android smartphone, and almost all Android devices are have this option but the boot technique is different. The below is the details to boot into bootloader of the Android smartphone and it's supports all version of Android operating system.
Android Fastboot Mode !

Android Fastboot Mode Method 1:

There are various procedure to boot to bootloader, and we will discuss one by one that you can understand it better. Boot into fastboot mode is easy and simple but you need to find the proper boot key of the particular phone. So you can try the following key or button combination to boot into Fastboot Mode.

  • First press Power Button and (after 2 seconds) then Hold Volume Up or Down Key.
  • Now you will find Fastboot Written on the top of the screen
  • And that is the Fastboot Mode
Android Fastboot Mode Method 2:

Not all the smartphones can boot directly to fastboot mode, but there also an option or way through which you can boot the phone to fastboot mode using the Android Recovery Option.

  • Boot the phone to Recovery Mode
  • Now chose the option "Reboot to bootloader"
  • And now the phone will reboot to fastboot mode
You can try the following button combination to boot the phone to Recovery Mode.

1) Hold the Power key and press Volume Up or Volume Down.
2) First hold the Volume up or down key then press power button.
3) Hold both Volume Key and press Power Key.
4) Volume Up + Home Key + Power key

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