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How to Avoid Yellow Dollar Sign On YouTube Videos ?

Hi friends, today I will show how you can avoid yellow Dollar sign on YouTube videos? Yes if you are a Youtuber and your monetization revenue became low due to yellow dollar sign near your video instead of Green dollar sign, then please read this topic or tutorial to know the perfect procedure to avoid or prevent yellow dollar sign on your YouTube videos. So friends let's begin.
My YouTube Video Has Yellow Dollar Sign How To Solve ? - Complete Solution Here

If you see yellow dollar sign or mark near your YouTube video, then your revenue became low or limited, so if you regularly upload videos and maintain the YouTube channel perfectly but still the revenue is low then this may be due to yellow dollar mark, so let's find what is the different between Yellow and Green Dollar sign on YouTube Monetization.

Different Between Green and Yellow Dollar Sign - YouTube

If your channel is monetized and you see a Green Dollar sign near your video on YouTube studio that means the content in the video is advertiser friendly and the video will get ads from all the advertising source from YouTube and which allows you to earn more revenue from your content.

But if the Dollar sign is Yellow, that means after upload video to YouTube the monetization icon or which called the dollar sign became Yellow color then your video is not advertiser friendly and the ads will be limited or no ads. And you will get the notification "This video is running limited or no ads, due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers.

This video is running limited or no ads, due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers.

How to Avoid Yellow Dollar Sign On YouTube ?

1) Inappropriate Language

You should not use bad language in your video, that means there must not be bad language in the video title, thumbnail image, video description and audio in the video.

2) Violence

Your video should not contain hurting yourself or others and also hurting animals, do not use accident photos in your video etc.

3) Adult Content

The video you upload to YouTube it must not have Adult content, that means your video must not include sexual content in the form of graphical, text or audio.

Yellow Dollar Sign on YouTube Studio Videos

4) Harmful or Dangerous Acts

The video should not have the actions or pranks that may be dangerous or harmful to you or others. for example hurting somebody, attack with knife etc.

5) Hateful Content

You video should not have the content that hating others, such as do not talk about other's Nationality, Religion, Age etc.

6) Incendiary and Demeaning

If somebody insulting an individual or group and video contain that, then it may not be suitable for advertising.

7) Recreational Drugs and Drug Related Content

The video should not be promote drugs or drug related items and this is not limit to sales and use of drug items.

8) Tobacco Related Content

The video should not promotes Tobacco related products, such as Cigarettes, Cigars and Chewing Tobacco etc.

9) Firearms Related Content

You should not make video on sale, assembly, missus of firearms, such as gun and ammunition etc.

10) Controversial Issues  and Sensitive Events

The should not feature the sensitive topics and events, such as War, Terrorism, Sexual Abuse etc.

11) Adult themes in Family Content

That means you make video which is suitable for general audience but contains Sex, Violence, Vulgarity etc. This should not be in your Video.

In this way you can solve no ads or limited ads on your YouTube videos. So friends, these are the important point to avoid Yellow Dollar sing in your YouTube channel videos. If follow this steps before posting a video then you must success in YouTube as a youtuber. Thank You....

For More Details You Can Visit https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6162278

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