Saturday, December 19, 2020

How to book Bharatgas LPG Cylinder Through WhatsApp?

How to book Bharatgas LPG Cylinder Through WhatsApp? Hi friends, if you are a Bharatgas customer then here is the latest way to book your cylinder, yes now you can book Bharatgas LPG cylinder through WhatsApp. If do not know how to book through whatsapp then here is the tutorial for you and also you can watch this tutorial in Hindi on our YouTube channel, so please go through the topic to know step by step procedure to book Bharatgas Cylinder through WhatsApp and also you can make online payment and know the current price of the Bharatgas Cylinder refill. Thank you...

How to book Bharatgas LPG Cylinder Through WhatsApp? 

1- Bharagas WhatsApp Number (BPCL Smart Line Number)

Bharat Gas WhatsApp Number (BPCL Smart Line Number)


  • Save the BPCL Smartline Number.
  • Open WhatsApp and stat chat with BPCL
  • Then type menu or hi and send for main options 
  • And you can find the following options

1-Book cylinder

2-Cylinder Payment

3-Rewards and Offers

4-BPCL Near Me

5-BPCL Products

6-Product Price

7-New Customer

8-Contact us

9-Other Queries

  • For Example Reply 1 to book cylinder

Gharatgas WhatsApp Booking - send Hi for Main Options

Bharatgas WhatsApp Booking

WhatsApp Mein Bharatgas Cylinder Kaise Book Kare? (YouTube Video in Hindi)

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