Friday, December 4, 2020

How to get Life Certificate Online? Jeevan Pramaan: Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners.

How to get Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners Online? Hi friends, in this topic you will learn how to get a digital life certificate for pensioners? So if you are a pension holder you can direct get this certificate online using your PC or Mobile phone, but you need to have a biometric device or finger print scanner  or if you are running an Internet business then add this facility for your customers and you can easily do digital life certificate online and it's free, you just need a biometric device (finger print scanner) or also you can do it using your Mobile phone, so please go through this topic and know the complete procedure to get digital Life certificate online (Jeevan Pramaan) or else you can watch the YouTube video tutorial in Hindi on our YOUTUBE channel link given below. Thank you...

How to get Digital Life Certificate Online for Pensioners - Jeevan Pramaan

YouTube Video Tutorial in Hindi

Jeevan Pramaan: How to Get Digital Life Certificate for Pensioners Online?


Click on PC

Enter you Email id then captcha and click on "I agree to Download"

  1. Then verify the OTP you received in Email
  2. Now a download link of the application will sent to your Email Id
  3. Go to the Email and download the application for PC and Install it.
  4. After installation complete the application will open automatically.

Operator Authentication

  • Now do "Operator Authentication" by providing your Aadhaar No. Email id, Mobile Number.
  • Then enter the Operator Name and click on "Scan Finger"
  • You need to put your finger on the biometric device to authenticate.
  • After Operator Authentication success the application will close automatically and reopen.

Then do Pensioner Authentication by providing Aadhaar, Mobile Number and use biometric for finger print scan. 

Then verify the details and click on "Scan Finger"

Now you have submit the digital life certificate successfully

Print the the certification and submit at Bank or any other office where it's required.

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