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Bhulekh which is a Land records web portal, where you can find the land records of your state,District, Subdivision and Tehsil. All the States of India has the bhulekh portal in their regional languages, that means you can check the land record details in your own language, such for odisha you can see it in odia and the web address is

bhulekh orissa/odisha before install odia font

When you open the website, normally you will not able to see Oriya script to select the location like state,district, subdivision and tehsil of odisha/orissa state. So here is the topic regarding how you can enable Oriya script to visit bhulekh orissa bhubaneswar and know your land records. Bhulekh land records web portal of odisha.

Bhulekh Odisha Web Portal, Odia Font Not Showing on Firefox

Steps to install odia font for
  • Go to the website and Download Odia Font (From the left side of the web portal) Click on it.
  • One new window will open
  • Again click on Download Oriya Font and save it
  • Then copy it to C:\Windows\Fonts Folder to install
  • or open the font ORBW-TTMukta EN Normal and click on install
  • To know whether it's installed or not check the Fonts Folder of Windows directory and search for the font ORBW-TTMukta EN Normal

bhulekh odisha after odia font
Now open Windows Internet Explorer and visit the website and you will able to see the Oriya script. The feature is only work for windows Internet explorer not for Firefox. But I am trying to do in Firefox and searching for the solution how you can also able to see in Mozilla Firefox browser.

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Download land records for odisha state, odisha state land record portal bhubaneswar Oriya script help.


  1. i m download & install oria font but the land record was not show in odia latter plzz help me my number 9776785558 one misscall pzzz

    1. Hi

      Use Internet Explorer It will work Fine

      It's tested on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8

  2. i m download & install oria font but the land record was not show in odia latter plzz help me my number 9438844129 one misscall pzzz

  3. my windows 8.1 laptop not open bhulekh odisha plg help
    my number 890872713

    1. What is the actual problem
      You are unable to Open the Website or not showing Odia Font

      Install/Update Your Java and Flash Player it May Help you and use Internet Explorer

  4. I down loaded the font but still the site did not publish the details in odia. I am using Google crome.
    I tried that in IE-10 as well.

  5. Hi,
    It is working only on IE 8, Any one suggest me how it will work on IE latest versions.
    In Google chrome using this setting Odiya font is working . but unable to input plot no etc.
    Setting: "Click on chrome options (4 lines on right hand side top, just below X symbol of the page).
    click on tools. click on encoding. select Western (windows 1252).
    Odia fonts will auto matically appear in the webpage.
    make sure odia font is installed in your system.

  6. Now you can see Odia font on Bhulekh Odisha Portal Using Google Chrome on Windows 7 and Windows 8.
    Please go to the below link and follow the steps to use Bhulekh Odisha Land Records Portal On Google Chrome Browser.

    How to Use Bhulekh Land Records Web Portal Of Odisha On Google Chrome -

  7. I use Windows 8.1. Oriya font installed through Control Panel - Language but in IE it is not working. How to read ROR?

    1. Hi
      Here is another tutorial about, how to use Bhulekh Odisha on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11

      How to Use Bhulekh Land Records Web Portal Of Odisha On Google Chrome

      Bhulekh Odisha Website Not Showing Odia Font On Internet Explorer 11 & Windows 7

      Hope this will help you regarding the Oriya Font on Bhulekh Odisha

  8. Sir/madam I could not view the map section now. Earlier i was able to view the map section but now i cannot.

    1. Recently they have changed the webpage design, so I think it's not working good, you can try it after some days.

  9. Good news for the Bhulekh users, Now website has been updated, so you do not need any settings to view Odia fonts on any Browser.

    1. But it is useless. The Tenant or Khatiyan or Plot Drop downs are not working at all. Not a single option is getting displayed. It´s frustrating.

    2. Hi Samarendra !
      It absolutely working fine, please select District, Tahasil and Village then the options are enable and you can use Khatiyan, Plot or Tenant.

      So to use these options you have to first choose the District, Tahsil and Village.

  10. Can i use bhulekh in android mobile


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