Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Flash HTC Smart F3188 Using SD Card

 Here is the way how you can Flash HTC Smart F3188 using your memory card, the below is the procedure to flash the htc smart phone.

HTC Smart F3188 Flash Success using SD Card

  • Download the HTC Smart F3188 Firmware/ROMs (RUU_ROME_ASIA_India_Ship_1.0.720.95739) 
  • Extract the Flash file using Winrar
  • Find nk.nbh and Rename it to ROMEIMG.nbh
  • Format Memory Card (File System should be FAT32)
  • Copy the ROMEIMG.nbh to SD Card and Insert it to the Phone
  • Now Press Volume Down Key and Power ON the Phone
  • Press Back key to Start Download / Flashing
  • Normally it takes 10 to 15 minutes
  • After Complete you will see a message "Success. Press any key"
  • Press any key to exit and then remove the battery and reinsert it
  • Now switch on the phone
HTC Smart F3188 Flashing/ download update Using SD Card

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  • The memory card or SD Card should be formatted with FAT32
  • Copy the flash file SD Card ( Do not put it inside any Folder)
  • The HTC Smart F3188 Rom file is a .exe file, to extract it right click on it and extract using Winrar or any other Unzip software

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