Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Flash Micromax A67 With Flash Tool and Volcano Tool

In this topic I will show you how you can flash Micromax A67 with Flash Tool and with help of Volcano Tool. Let's have a basic idea about the flashing procedure of Micromax A67, for this you need a tool called Upgrade Download and LCD Download Tool, which can be found on web. Then you need a Flash Tool Box to set the pinouts i.e. Volcano Tool or China King Box. So below is the step by step procedure to flash the Micromax A67 using Flash Tool and Volcano Tool.

File need to download

A67 Service Tool (Flash Tool and LCD Download Tool)
Micromax A67 Firmware/Flash File according to your phone's HW version(Remove battery and see the sticker)


Note: Do it at your own risk, we are not responsible for any kind of damage to the phone. If you are expert in Mobile software then you can easily do that.

Step By Step Procedure To Flash Micromax A67

We have three Main Steps

1) Set the Pinouts
2) Upgrade Download  with Flash Tool
3) LCD Download with Tool

Micromax A67 Upgrade Download With Flash Tool

Open Upgrade Download.exe
Click on Load Packet (First Icon From Left)

Micromax A67 Flashing Procedure with Flash Tool

Select the Flash File .pac format and Click Open then Click on OK
Now Click on HWInfoImg and choose YXD_Y82917-06_ILI9806C_45_IVO_SPI_KMO_SH_SHT045382BA_msg2138a_pa287_KMOEB_A67_HW_info

Open Hardware Info Image Micromax A67 Flash

Click on Open then Click on OK

Don't do any thing just let it be like that Now Open Volcano Tool and Set the Pinouts.

Setting Pinouts Micromax A67 with Volcano Tool

Open Volcano Tool
Go to Detect Tab
Select [D+/D-]MTK USB find boot
Manually Set the Pinouts
Pin 1= Pull Down
Pin2= USB D-
Pin3= USB D+
Pin5= GND
Then Click on Set Pinout

No Need To Press any Boot Key 
Use Box Power and Jig Cable

Micromax A67 Set Pinout to Flash with Flash Tool
Now go back Flash Tool and Click on Start Download
After Download finished you will see Passed on the flash tool

Micromax A67 Flashing Done or Download Passed
Now Click on Stop Button and Close the Flash Tool

You are not finished yes, after firmware download you have to do LCD Download other wise you will not see anything on the Micromax A67 Screen.

LCD Download Process

Open LCD Download Tool
Click on Load Packet and Choose the .pac file then click OK(Like Upgrade Download)
Now Click on HWInfoImg and Choose
Click Open and then click OK

Choose LCD Hard Ware Info Image File For Micromax A67

Then Click on Set Pinout again on Volcano Tool
Now Click on Start Download

Micromax A67 LCD Download Passed
After finish click on Stop and close the LCD Download Tool

Now you have successfully flashed the Micromax A67 with Loader/ Flash Tool.

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