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How To Solve Tool DL Image Fail? All MediaTek (MTK) Tool DL Image Fail Solution

As we know after flashing some Android smart phone having MediaTek MTK chipset, it will continue rebooting from the logo screen showing "Tool DL Image Fail" and also when you do Factory Reset Protection (FRP) unlock it will happen same to the phone, that continuously restart showing "Tool DL Image Fail", so how to solve this problem on All MediaTek MTK CPU? In this tutorial we will describe you how to solve "Tool DL Image Fail" of any MediaTek Android smart phone, Please go through the below article to know how to solve Tool DL Image Fail?
How to solve TOOL DL Image Fail !

 TOOL DL Image Fail!

How you face this problem on the Android smart phones? This problem arises specially on MediaTek Android phones due to wrong flashing process with smart phone flash tool using scatter text file and when you do FRP unlock on some Android devices. That means wrong flashing process of firmware and unlock factory reset protection using any Chinese flashing box, the phone will continuously restarts showing "TOOL DL Image Fail!" on the boot screen of the device, but do not worry you can solve this problem using a small trick when full flashing the firmware and after FRP unlock.

How To Solve Tool DL Image Fail ?

There are two methods to solve "TOOL DL Image Fail" one is using Smartphone flash tool or so called SP Flash Tool and another way is by using the Miracle Box or you can using any other box if supported to solve "Fix DL Image Fail", you can download Miracle Box tool software working without hardware box and the link is given in this article. You can solve this problem with SP Flash Tool, just do a setting when you download firmware using smart phone flash tool and the problem will be solved and another process is use the "Fix DL Mode" option in the Miracle Box.

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Solve DL Image Fail Using SP Flash Tool:

To solve the "DL Image Fail" using smart phone flash tool, you need to enable some feature in SP flash tool in the Download option, just open the SP flash tool and load the firmware then follow the below steps.
  • Open the SP Flash Tool and Load the Firmware you want to Download to the phone.
  • Now go to "Options" of SP Flash Tool and click on "Download".
  • Now Tick the 2 download settings 'USB Checksum' and 'Storage Checksum'.
  • After setting complete in 'DA DL All With Checksum' just close the window.
  • Now download the firmware to the phone and wait until the flashing process complete.
How To Solve TOOL DL Image Fail With SP Flash Tool

After flash complete switch on the phone and you are done, there is no error on the phone screen anymore and you have successfully solve the "TOOL DL Image Fail" of the MediaTek Android smart phone.

Fix DL Mode Using Miracle Box:

If you have Miracle Box software, then you can also solve this problem of DL IMAGE FAIL. Here you can also download Miracle Box V2.54 setup file which is working without using the Box [Miracle Box V2.54 Download Link], so download the Miracle Box free and follow the below steps.

How To Solve Tool DL Image Fail Using Miracle Box Software

  • Open Miracle Box V2.54
  • Now go to MTK Tab and then Extra Tab.
  • Select 'Fix DL Mode' and click on Start Button.
  • Then wait until the process complete.

After that just switch on the phone and the DL Image error is no more and you have successfully solve the TOOL DL IMAGE FAIL problem on Android smart phones.

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