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Best and Genuine Way To Make Money Online

Now a days everybody wants to make money online working from home, but all are not success for various causes. Sometimes if you do not have the perfect idea how make money or generate revenue Online, then it's too difficult to do that. But here I share some idea to make money online without any investment and also with investment. If you have a Computer or Laptop with Internet connection, then you can easily get online income, just sitting at home. So let's have the complete tutorial about how to get started with Online Income.

There are several ways you may find on the Internet regarding Online Income, but all are not true and genuine way to make money online. So here you will get the best and genuine way to income money online, using free features or without investment and also with investment. Here are some example of making money online, such as Blogging, YouTube, Google Adsense and Online Stock Trading.
Best and Genuine Way To Make Money Online 2018

Best and Genuine Way To Make Money Online:

1) Make Money From Blog (No Investment Required)

2) Make Money From YouTube (No Investment Required)

3) Use Adsense to Monetize Your Website or Blog (No Investment Required)

4) Online Stock Trading (Required Investment)

1) Make Money From Blog:

This is the most effective way to make money online, if you have Google Blog then you can generate online revenue by enabling Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a Online advertisement platform which allows to monetize your blog or website. The Google blog is completely free and easy to create, if you do not have a blog then start it immediately to earn money online. You can create a new blog by visiting the Blogger website. Turn your passion into money, you can write blog post, to share your knowledge or technical ideas or any other things in which you are expert and post article on your blog, after writing good content , apply for Google Adsense and monetize the blog and start earning money online from your blog.

2) Make Money From YouTube:

YouTube, is a well known word now a days to watch Movies, videos, animations etc. online using the Computer as well as Smartphone applications. YouTube is most popular for technical, educational, entertainment, promotional and other various visual tutorials etc. but do you know you can earn money from Your YouTube account, sounds good and it's true if you have an YouTube account which is free for all users, then you can also earn money. You may ask here, How to make money from YouTube? then here is the process to know get revenue from your video on YouTube. First create a YouTube Channel, just log in with your Google Account and create a channel then upload videos to YouTube, as of January 16, 2018 YouTube has announced it's new eligibility requirements for the YouTube Partner Program, which is Once a channel reaches 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers, then only the Google Adsense monetizing YouTube video process reviewed. 

To monetize your video, the video must be your own and do not use any copyrighted visuals, graphics and audio, otherwise your YouTube channel will not get monetized. You can use YouTube audios which are free and eligible for monetizing. For example you can publish videos regarding Tutorials recorded with screen recorder, nature videos, Android application videos, news and entertainment with your own voice and background music and for more details on video monetization criteria visit Understanding Monetization and Monetization basic policy and Adsense Program Policies and Term of Services and YouTube Partner Program.

3) Use Adsense:

As I said before, Google Adsense is one of the best Monetization solution for your Online contents, whether it's blog, website, video or Android applications. You can make money from your blog by using Google Adsense and if you have a website, you can also earn money online using Adsense, but the content must be passed the Adsense Program Policy of Google Adsense.

4) Online Stock Trading:

Now a days online share trading or Online stock trading is one of the most popular method to get profit of your invested money on Stock Exchange in India NSE and BSE, using any cheapest stock brokers in India, such as Zerodha, Angel Broking, 5 Paisa, Share Khan, Motilal Oswal etc. you can know more about share brokers in India by searching this site "Top Share Brokers in India". If you invest in stock at the right time and in the right share then you can make good profit from it.

For Online stock trading you need to first invest money in a share and need some basic knowledge about share market or stock market, without knowledge if you enter to the share market, then you may face difficulties to get profit return and face loss in the share you have invested, so we are requested first get the perfect idea about stock market then only step in to the market. This is only a basic idea about how you can make money online or earn profit online using stock market.

So these are some basic information, by using it you can make some extra money by using these as a part time job or make huge profit by doing full time job. I think you must get some basic ideas from where and how you can income online with genuine ways. Thanks for visiting the website and wishing you all to get success to make money online and enjoy.

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