Thursday, June 27, 2019

How to Book Passenger / General / Unreserved Train Ticket Using Your Smartphone - UTS On Mobile

Hi friends, how to book passenger train ticket or general ticket or Unreserved ticket using your smartphone, yes friends you can book unreserved ticket without standing in Que, just install a small app and book passenger ticket direct from your phone and no need to take print out, you can show the soft copy of the booked ticket.

As you know friends, IRCTC Rail Connect application is for booking Reservation Tickets, such as Sleeper, Chair Car, Air Conditioned, Tatkal Tickets etc. but Indian Railway also has an application to book Unreserved or General or Passenger Tickets in your smartphone and this app available for Windows, iPhone and Android operating system, so you can install it any of your Smartphone.

How To Book Passenger Train Tickets On Your Smartphone

By Using this app you can book Normal Passenger Ticket along with that you can also book Platform Ticket and Season Ticket too. Indian Railway Unreserved Ticketing allows you 2 mode of booking of General or Unreserved Tickets one is BOOK AND TRAVEL PAPERLESS and other one is BOOK AND PRINT but I prefer to use Book and Travel Paperless, in which you can travel by showing the soft copy of the booked ticket.

How to Register For Booking Unreserved Tickets?

  • Download and install UTS Application on your smartphone.
  • Open the UTS App and click on Login (Top right corner).
  • Then click on REGISTER.
  • Enter your details there, such as your Mobile number, Name, Password, Confirm password, Gender and Date of birth etc.
  • Now click on GENERATE OTP.
  • In the next step the OTP will automatically read, just click on SUBMIT OTP.
  • And you are done, that means you have successfully registered on UTS app.
  • And now you can log in using your Mobile Number and Password.

Note: In One Mobile or IMEI, One user registration is allowed although it has Dual SIM.

How to Book Unreserved Ticket Using UTS App?

  • Open the UTS on Mobile Application.
  • Log in using your registered Mobile number and password.
  • After Log in it will ask to access the location or GPS click OK.
  • Now click on BOOK TICKET and then NORMAL BOOKING.
  • Then click on BOOK AND TRAVEL PAPERLESS and click OK.
  • Now the app find the nearest Train Station using GPS.
  • Choose the From Station and give the destination Station and click on DONE.
  • Now choose the VIA if any.
  • Then choose the number of passengers and select the Payment Type. 
  • Then click on OK.
  • Then verify your booking details and click on BOOK TICKET.
  • Choose the payment option and pay.
  • After payment success you Unreserved ticket will be booked.
  • Then go back to the home screen of the UTS app and click on SHOW BOOKED TICKET.

That's all now you have the booked the UR ticket on your phone successfully. So friends this the complete way to register and book Unreserved Train tickets using your smartphone, if you need to watch the video tutorial on YouTube then please visit here.

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