Thursday, June 27, 2019

How To Block Harassing Calls On Your VIVO Smartphone ?

Hi friends, today I will show you the complete process How you can block harassing calls on your VIVO smartphone using settings also here you will get the video tutorial about this topic on my YouTube channel link given below, so friends let's start.

How to Block Harassing Calls Using Settings on VIVO Smartphones

As you know you will get 3-4 calls in a day which is not really necessary, means this may be comes regarding advertisement belongs to Insurance, Voice Phishing, Estate Agents or from any other sources, and at that time you receive the call and suddenly end the call and these types of call really harassing while you are busy, so friends today I will show you the settings through which you can easily block the harassing calls if you are using a VIVO Android smartphone without installing any application.

How to Block Harassing Calls?

  • Go to the phone Settings.
  • Then Security and Privacy.
  • Then go to Block Unwanted.
  • Then click on Block Harassing Calls.
  • Then enable Advertising, Estate Agent, Voice Phishing, Insurance and Harassing Call.
  • And then enable Do Not Restrict Repeated Calls (If Not)

That's all now you will not receive any type of these calls, which will be automatically blocked by your settings. Friends you must enabled do not restrict repeated calls, in that case if call comes from the same unwanted caller within 3 minutes will not be blocked. So friends please do the setting if you have VIVO phone and block harassing calls.

You can also watch the Video tutorial here.

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