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IRCTC Agent Activation Process - If You Have Applied Through IRCTC Authorized Service Providers

Hi friends, today I will tell you how you to activate your IRCTC Agent, if you have applied for the same. As you know you can apply for IRCTC agent through online using IRCTC Authorized Service Providers and you will get detail information about IRCTC Authorized Service Providers on the IRCTC official website. After completing the registration process you will receive an Email regarding IRCTC Agent Activation and here the complete procedure for Agent Activation, so please read the topic carefully.

IRCTC Agent Activation Process - If You Have Applied Through IRCTC Authorized Service Providers

In this topic I will tell you how to activate the IRCTC Agent and verify Email and Verify Mobile Number to use the Agent services of IRCTC, so for that you must applied for IRCTC Agent through IRCTC Authorized Service Providers and when you get the Email that your user id and password has been created and thank your for registering with IRCTC for rail booking, In that Email you get IRCTC User ID, Profile Password and Transaction Password and you can not change the IRCTC user id but after first login you must change the passwords.

How To Complete IRCTC Agent Activation Process?

  • Apply for IRCTC Agent Through IRCTC Authorized Service Providers.
  • You will receive an confirmation Email after successfully registered, which includes YOUR USER ID, PROFILE PASSWORD AND TRANSACTION PASSWORD and in the same time you will receive a SMS on your registered Mobile.
IRCTC Activate Your Account - IRCTC Agent Activation Procedure Step 1

  • In the Email You will find To Activate Your Account Click Here, So click on that link and you will redirect to Agent Interface Application website of IRCTC.
  • Now enter the activation code you have received on your Mobile phone and click on Activate.
  • Then Log in to using your IRCTC user id and profile password.
IRCTC Activate Your Account - IRCTC Agent Activation Procedure Step2

  • After log in click on Aadhaar Based KYC under UPDATE PROFILE OF SUBAGENT, then enter your Aadhaar Number and click on get OTP and you will receive an OTP on the Aadhaar Registered Mobile, Enter the OTP and verify.
  • That's all now the activation process of IRCTC agent complete, now what you need to change the Profile and Transaction Password.
  • Go to PASSWORD MANAGEMENT and change profile password and change txn password, so first click on Change Profile Password, then enter the OLD password you have received in the Email and set the new password for this and do the same for Transaction password. (Note - Password must contain at least One number 0-9 )
Note - There is a time limitation for IRCTC Agent Activation after receiving the Email, if the IRCTC Agent Activation link is expired then ask the IRCTC Authorized Service Providers you have applied through to send another IRCTC Agent Activation link through the Email and you will complete the process.

After complete the IRCTC agent activation process visit IRCTC Agent log in page through the and click on login and then click on AGENT LOGIN, remember you must have the USB Dongle and installed the Client Certificate which you have received through a parcel via Post or courier.

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